Church Realignment

The Viroqua and Liberty Pole United Methodist Church website will now be a part of the Driftless Regional Ministries website. Please follow the link to keep updated with both church’s activities.

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July 1 will see a significant change for the Viroqua and Liberty Pole United Methodist churches. It is on this date that we will begin our new alignment. 

After months of discussions and planning meetings, the bishop decided that there should be a re-alignment of the churches in our circuit. Effective July 1, Viroqua will be aligned with Westby’s UMC, and will be served by Pastor Erika Flores. Her husband, Jorge, will be serving the UMC’s of LaFarge, Dell and Faith.

Liberty Pole will begin its alignment with Retreat and New Hope. Pastor Pam Harkema will be serving these churches.

We are looking forward to the realignment while recognizing that change can be difficult at times. 

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